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    Wildflowers Recipe Box

    Chipotle Shrimp Bowls

    We have gotten back into trying to follow a low carb diet. While I certainly miss yummy sandwiches and baked goods, it’s pretty amazing how much better I have been feeling! I haven’t been perfect but have been actually enjoying what we have been eating over the past week and am eager to continue discovering new, yummy recipes and keeping on this healthy path.

    This past week I had made some homemade tomatilla salasa to go with some shrimp tacos (using the amazing HEB low carb tortillas). I still wanted to do something with shrimp to use up the tomatilla salsa so I decided to make shrimp bowls! I didn’t really have a recipe in mind, I just threw them together but they turned out so amazing! And only about 3 net carbs per serving!! We will definately be making this dish a lot, and you could easily swap in different types of protien!


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    Amazon Prime Day Deals

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  • Adventures of Bear and Wildflower

    Sherwood Forest Faire

    This past weekend we visited the Sherwood Forest Faire in McDade, east of Austin. We had kept seeing ads for it and when I came across discounted tickets thanks to Costco we decided to give it a try. I didn’t honestly have very high hopes for it, thinking it wouldn’t be as great as my much loved, and missed Maryland Ren Fest, but I was actually blown away!