Amazon Prime Day Deals

If you haven’t seen it all over the internet, you must be living under a rock, hahaha, but today is the last day to enjoy Amazon Prime Day! I’ve kept an eye on all the deals and have noticed so many of our favorite summer items are on sale! We had a blast making the most of summer with these items and highly recommend them! The clock is ticking on these deals so be sure to snatch them up quick! But even not on sale, these are some must-have summer items!

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Dave bought this for me last summer and I have spent hours paddling around the lake in this thing! It definitely isn’t as great as a solid kayak, but it’s so easy to transport, fits nicely in the back of our car all rolled up, we never have to deal with strapping it to the roof of our car, is easy to set up, and it’s perfect for us while we are still living in an apartment and don’t have much storage space as it all fits neatly in a bag!


Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock with Tree Straps

Many years ago I bought us some expensive hammocks from REI and we have loved them, but I was really wanting a more fun, brightly colored one and Dave surprised me with this last year for my birthday in my favorite light blue color! This one, even not on sale, is half the price of the ones we bought before and is just as nice! It is so easy to set up, we use them every time we go to the lake. I have even taken a nap in mine!

Dry Bags

With all the time we spend on the water, we have found these dry bags to be so helpful! I can comfortably take a few supplies, including my phone out on the kayak, or out when we tube the famous Texas rivers! Even going down the tube chutes and even falling out of our tubes, are phones have stayed dry thanks to these bags!

Camping Towel

We loved keeping a camping towel or two in our dry bags, especially after a day on the river so we can dry off a bit before making the short trek back to the car. These are compact, incredibly absorbent and dry so quickly!

Snorkel Mask.

I’m really good at losing my sunglasses in the water. Last year Dave decided to take the time to search the area for me and managed to find them, plus $10 cash! Any time we go to the rivers in New Braunfels, right after the tube chutes where so many people fall out, we always see people with snorkels, and have even seen scuba divers hunting for items! We talked to one kid who said he even found a Go Pro 7!

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This is our latest purchase, of course, it’s on sale just two weeks after we bought it, hahaha, we have only taken it out once so far but are really enjoying it and can’t wait to spend more time out with on the lake with it! We were out nearly till sunset paddling all around taking turns between this and the kayak! So much fun!

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